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After you have died your estate will be dealt with in accordance with the terms of your Will (if you had left one) or under the Intestacy rules.

If you die leaving a Will the person you chose to deal with your estate (your Executor) will usually need to apply to the Court for a Grant of Probate. In cases where there is no Will the closest family member will usually be required to apply for Letters of Administration, in order to obtain an authority to deal with your estate.


We offer legal advice and support throughout the process, and in particular in:


  • Advising on the terms of the Will or the intestacy rules if there is no Will;
  • Obtaining Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration;
  • Dealing with completing the Inheritance Tax Returns and arranging the payment of the Inheritance Tax;
  • Acting on behalf of the Estate in collecting the assets/settling liabilities;
  • Dealing with Distribution of the Estate to the Beneficiaries;
  • Post-death variations of the Terms of the Will or Intestacy rules, with a view to saving Inheritance Tax and/or Care Home fees.


We offer comprehensive, friendly and cost effective advice in this very difficult time!

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